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Multiplaz 3500

Price: $2,495.00
Item Number: 3500
Manufacturer Part No: J2.978-01
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Multiplaz 3500 includes Carry Bag, Power Supply, Welding & Cutting Torch,  Spare Parts Kit,  Cutting Accessories & multi-tool for maintenance.
Best of  Class Award Winning Technology - Geneva Switzerland Inventors Award.
Welds, Brazes, Solders...and Cuts up to 3/8".
Runs on Alcohol and Water mixture for Welding, Brazing and Soldering & Water for Cutting.
Eco Friendly.
Portable - 30 pounds with bag.
Runs on 110V or 220V.
Consumables made for maximum usage, average use longer than  industry standard.
IMPORTANT:  Multiplaz ships without a plug.  You will add your plug matching your receptacle. 
See page 16 for "how to wire" your Multiplaz power supply.
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